Ideal Student

  • I seek to be a self-confident, open-minded and rational person that bases opinions, decisions and actions on logic and reason and questions superstitious beliefs.

  • I will think, question, reflect and innovate, and always act on a correct understanding of the facts.

  • I will listen and read carefully and try to integrate everything I hear and see into a unified system of information and, at the same time, aspire to go beyond mere information to knowledge, go beyond knowledge to real understanding and go beyond understanding to wisdom.

  • I will learn how to be a life-long learner and how to seek information, knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

  • I will attach the greatest importance to understanding the laws of nature as revealed by a study of the sciences and mathematics, the working of the human mind and the laws of progressive civil societies.

  • I will seek to acquire a mastery of several languages and be an effective communicator.

  • I will use my mind to control my body and my feelings.

  • I will seek to be balanced in my emotions and to learn how to achieve that balance.

  • I recognise that emotions play a crucial role in developing bonds between individuals and also between individuals and the many elements of our environment.

  • I also recognise that certain emotions like fear and anger are dangerous and must be controlled and countered by reason.

  • I will attach great importance to physical fitness both for itself and as a means to acquire greater mental fitness, both intellectual and emotional.

  • I will seek to acquire a basic but sound and scientific understanding of the way the human body works and what it is that makes it work well.

  • I will seek to practice those acts that promote physical wellness and encourage others to do the same.

  • I will give importance to observing good-hygiene practices and a balanced diet, exercising my body and refraining from injurious habits like smoking and drug taking.

  • I will monitor my body’s performance through a regular medical check-up and through routine personal self-examination, and take corrective action when needed.

  • I will attach importance to practices that ensure good community hygiene.

  • While certain ethical values differ from society to society and also vary with time, I believe that there are certain core value systems that are fundamental in so far as they are directed at the greater good of all people everywhere. It is these that I will adopt and practice.

  • At the same time, I will keep an open mind so that, as societies progress, I will adjust to new values and new standards of conduct that emerge for the greater good of all.

  • I will seek to be a citizen of the world even while serving my country, always recognising the need to maximise happiness amongst the greatest number while protecting the well-being of the remainder.

  • I believe in the essential equality of all people regardless of country, region, race, culture, religion, caste, sex, age, language, economic status and other differentiating factors.

  • I believe in equality of opportunity for all, in democracy and the liberal attitude, in freedom of speech and expression, in the right to work and the right to life, in the dignity of labour, in dedication to duty, in compassion and care of the disadvantaged, and in the development of an economically homogeneous and otherwise harmoniously pluralistic global society.

  • I believe in developing individuality as well as team spirit, self-reliance as well as cooperation, innovativeness as well as respect for  tradition, emotional sensitivity as well as intellectual curiosity, dynamism as well as balance.

  • I greatly value honesty, integrity and fair play.

  • I will respect the environment and all that nature has to offer.

  • I will pursue my goals with vigour, enthusiasm, resilience and courage, taking risks when needed, and bear adversity with equanimity.

  • I will go forward with courage, as is the Motto of my School.

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