The Mission

The Titan School aims to provide an integrated, holistic and sequential learning and personality development opportunity to its students as would:

  • Develop the intellectual and rational thinking abilities of students.
  • Guide them to acquire information, knowledge and understanding through books and other media , including the latest technologies;
  • Provide them with important and relevant information, knowledge and understanding that would equip them for public and private life;
  • Stimulate and nurture curiosity, creativity and an inquiring mind, leading to excellence;
  • Develop an action oriented approach where knowledge is implemented and judiciously applied to real-world problems;
  • Develop their skills for oral and written communication;
  • Inculcate interest and foster talent in sports, games , the performing arts and the fine arts;
  • Generally, promote their physical fitness and wellness;
  • Ensure their involvement and participation in community affairs and environmental issues;
  • Develop sensitivity to social justice and equity;
  • Assist them to be responsible citizens who are compassionate and cooperative;
  • Inculcate resilience and a willingness to take calculated risks;
  • Develop their sensitivity, self-confidence, self-esteem and respect for others;
  • Promote the balanced social and emotional development of the students;
  • Inculcate progressive liberal values and a global outlook;
  • Help them to develop into leaders who will become significant contributory members of Indian and global societies;
  • Help them to understand and analyse their strengths and weaknesses , building on the former and taking corrective action for the latter;
  • Help them to define future academic pathways and long term career goals;
  • Help them to achieve and learn to maintain standards of quality, efficiency, effectiveness and excellence.

The Titan School believes in achieving and maintaining high standards of quality.

The Titan School strongly believes in creating an environment of joyful learning, where every child greatly desires to go to school, relates well with teachers and other children and is proud of the institution.

The Titan School subscribes to the most recent theories relating to child development and to a developmentally appropriate approach. In fact, it wishes to be at the forefront of adopting the latest proven techniques in education. It attaches overarching importance to the total and holistic development of the child rather than mere academic scores in public examinations.

The Titan School is an institution where education is child centred and where individuality is nurtured. It aims to provide a conducive, empathetic, democratic and free atmosphere and appropriate learning strategies for the total intellectual, moral, emotional, physical and aesthetic development of each child. It seeks to facilitate the child’s development without being too didactic.

At the same time, the School aims at meeting high academic standards. Curriculum, instruction and assessment will be aligned with high standards. Together, they will provide a clear vision of what students should know and should be able to do. The curriculum will be rigorous and non-repetitive. It moves forward sequentially and substantially as students progress through the grades.

The curriculum will be interdisciplinary and integrate knowledge so as to foster a thorough understanding of important concepts, development of essential skills and the ability to relate what has been learnt to the real world.

Instructional strategies will include a variety of challenging and engaging activities that are clearly related to the concepts and skills being taught. Students will engage in self-directed project work, hands-on experience and inquiry based learning. Teachers will use a variety of methods to assess student performance.

The Titan School seeks to provide a learning environment that recognises individual capacities and multiple intelligences. It assists each child to develop his or her abilities in a unique manner and at a pace that is most appropriate for that child. The School will provide for the needs of the extraordinarily talented as also those who are educationally challenged.

The Titan School believes in encouraging its teachers to constantly develop their own teaching skills and teaching content and grow as contributing individuals and professionals. To this end, it will provide them with opportunities for new learning and interaction.

The Titan School believes in encouraging parents to take a keen interest in the activities of the school and particularly in understanding their children and their performance. The Titan School will, where needed, equip parents to gain a better understanding of the School’s educational philosophy and methods of working.

The Titan School believes that it is equipped to play a useful role in the upgrading of the quality of education in the Krishnagiri and neighbouring districts. It will, therefore, interact with other institutions in these areas and provide opportunities for participating in learning situations and sharing of teaching methodologies and materials.

To achieve these objectives and to translate intent into reality, the Titan School will provide the appropriate physical infrastructure, recruit teachers with adequate and un-to-date subject knowledge, teaching skills and empathy for children, and install educational and administrative processes that will facilitate high performance levels by the institution. It will also install accurate assessment, feedback and review processes such as are used in leading organisations in order to remain at the cutting edge of education.

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